Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long is each visit?
  • First visits are typically longer anywhere from 70-90 minutes with 50-60 minute follow-up but can be customized to each client’s needs.
How many visits?
  • Simple cases may achieve their goals in 2-3 visits, but more complex cases will take longer. Average is 4-10 visits
  • After evaluation, most clients follow-up in 1-2 weeks and then taper as they improve.
  • No pressure for clients to come more than necessary or desired
  • Cynthia teaches each client things they can do at home
What to bring/wear?
  • Masks
  • Thin flexible breathable clothing (layer for temperature control)
  • Avoid jeans, stiff or riveted pants
  • Bring other reports or items that you feel may apply such as pacifiers, bottles and nipple shields for babies and sleep studies and/or dental appliances for teens & adults
Newborn Pricing (0-6 months old)
  • $62.50   25-30 minutes
  • $93.75   40-45 minutes
  • $125.00 50 60 minutes (Typical 2nd/follow-up visits)
  • $156.25  70-75 minutes (1st Visit, Eval & treatment)
  • $187.50  80-90 minutes (1st Visit, Eval & treatment when more time is needed or wanted)

Discount of $25/visit for infants (0-6 months old) for visits BEFORE tongue tie or lip tie surgery up to a maximum of two (2) visits.

Child & Adult Pricing
  • $75 25-30 minute (Some children do best with shorter visits)
  • $112.50 40-45 minute
  • $150 50-60 minute (Typical 2nd follow-up visits)
  • $225.50 80-90 minute (Typical 1st Visit, Eval & treatment)
  • Cynthia accepts cash, Venmo, credit cards and health & flex savings cards.
  • Payment is taken at the end of each visit.
  • Cynthia does NOT accept, bill or communicate with insurance companies.
  • Cynthia will create a super bill for $25 fee that you can submit for potential reimbursement.
  • Telehealth appointments are available, and prices are the same as in person
  • *Cynthia is glad to briefly communicate with current clients, however, if extensive communication, correspondence or review of charts and notes is required, she does bill for her time accordingly.
VALUE: Multiple therapies

When you see Cynthia you get the benefit of multiple therapies in one cost saving visit, which can include:

  • Physical therapy
  • Myofunctional therapy
  • Craniosacral therapy
  • Breath training therapy
  • Fascial release and manipulation therapy
  • Functional cranial nerve therapy
  • Neuro Developmental Training
What is different about therapy with Cynthia?
  • Cynthia has more than 30 years experience and offers several therapies all in one convenient visit.
  • Each visit is customized to the needs of the client but usually combines physical therapy, orofacial myofunctional therapy, craniosacral therapy and gentle osteopathic techniques, breath re-education and airway health,  cranial nerve and autonomic nervous system integration.
  • Cynthia’s goal is to identify and address the root causes so you can get faster and longer lasting results and optimize cranio facial growth and development
Why is healthy craniofacial & airway growth important?
  • Because it can decrease the risk of: ( Per The American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery)
    • Snoring, sleep disordered breathing, and obstructive sleep apnea
    • High blood pressure, heart and lung problems
    • Slow growth and development and social problems linked with snoring
    • Obesity, bedwetting, ADD
    • Moody, inattentive and disruptive behavior at home and at school to get the best results
Virtual Visits
  • Are available via Zoom or Facetime