Meet Cynthia

Welcome! I’m Cynthia and I am honored you would visit my website


I love helping people function, feel, sleep & breathe better. There is healing power in hands-on care and I am trained in several manuals, fascial, reflex release, osteopathic, and other gentle techniques.

The WHOLE body is connected! I’m passionate about learning & love to problem solve with clients to find & address the root causes so my clients can achieve better, faster & longer-lasting results.

As a mother who nursed and raised three children, I am committed to prevention & early intervention to grow healthier happier humans and avoid the pain & problems I see too often.

I also love hiking in the sunny mountains, digging in my garden & savoring dark chocolate and fun times with family and friends.

Experience & Training Highlights

Cynthia Peterson PT, CSOM, CST, CEAS

Awards, Leadership & Membership

Research & Co-Founder of www.Fairest.org where talented researchers and professionals collaborate to create Functional Airway Evaluation Screening Tools to aide in the early identification & treatment of airway related problems.

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