Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

First visits are typically longer anywhere from 70-90 minutes with 50-60 minute follow-up but can be customized to each client’s needs.

Simple cases may achieve their goals in 2-3 visits, but more complex cases will take longer. Average is 4-10 visits

After evaluation, most clients follow-up in 1-2 weeks and then taper as they improve.

No pressure for clients to come more than necessary or desired

Cynthia teaches each client things they can do at home


Thin flexible breathable clothing (layer for temperature control)

Avoid jeans, stiff or riveted pants

Bring other reports or items that you feel may apply such as pacifiers, bottles and nipple shields for babies and sleep studies and/or dental appliances for teens & adults

$62.50 25-30 minutes

$93.75 40-45 minutes

$12550-60 minutes (Typical 2nd/follow-up visits)

$156.25 65-75 minutes (Typical 1st visit)

$187.50 80-90 minutes

$75 25-30 minutes (Some children do best with shorter visits)

$112.50 40-45 minutes

$15050-60 minute (Typical 2nd follow-up visits)

$187.50 65-75 minutes

$225 80-90 minutes (Typical 1st Visit, Eval & treatment) 80-90 minutes

Cynthia accepts cash, Venmo, credit cards and health & flex savings cards.

Payment is taken at the end of each visit

Cynthia does NOT accept, bill or communicate with insurance companies.

Cynthia will create a super bill for $35 fee that you can submit for potential reimbursement for up to 3 visits per bill.

Telehealth appointments are available, and prices are the same as in person

*Cynthia is glad to briefly communicate with current clients, however, if extensive communication, correspondence or review of charts and notes is required, she does bill for her time accordingly.

When you see Cynthia you get the benefit of multiple therapies in one cost saving visit, which can include:


Physical therapy

Myofunctional therapy

Craniosacral therapy

Breath training therapy

Fascial release and dry needling

Functional cranial nerve therapy

Primitive reflex and ANS regulation

Neuro Developmental treatment

Cynthia has >30 years experience and offers several therapies all in one convenient visit.

Each visit is customized to the needs of the client and can include physical therapy, orofacial myofunctional therapy, craniosacral therapy and gentle osteopathic techniques, breath re-education and airway health, primitive reflex and nervous system integration.

Cynthia’s goal is to identify and address the root causes so you can get faster and longer lasting results and optimize cranial facial growth and development.



Because it can decrease the risk of: Per The American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery)

Snoring, sleep disordered breathing, and obstructive sleep apnea

High blood pressure, heart and lung problems

Slow growth and development and social problems linked with snoring

Obesity, bedwetting, ADD

Moody, inattentive and disruptive behavior at home and at school

Are available via Zoom or Facetime

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