Able to Breastfeed Without Pain

I had issues with my son latching correctly. I took him to Cynthia and she worked on tight muscles in his body, focusing on his mouth and neck. Things were immediately better until my son’s 2 month vaccinations. He startled easily, fussy, and had a hard time latching again. Our next appointment couldn’t come fast enough. Once we walked in, it was like my son knew she was going to help. You could see him start to smile and coo at Cynthia and relax, which hadn’t happened for a week after his shots. At the end of the appointment I was able to breastfeed without pain! I cannot recommend Cynthia Peterson enough!! She is so calming, positive, and very knowledgeable!


Tongue Tie, Team work, Head Molding (Plagiocephaly)

We loved our experience with Cynthia! She was recommended to us when our 1 month old had a suspected tongue tie…She worked well with our team of her, our IBCLC, and pediatric dentist. They were all in contact with each other and all shared updates as needed to make sure things were taken care of. I felt so supported!!

It was a lot of work doing the exercises every day, but it paid off and Cynthia was so encouraging the whole time! After the tongue tie was addressed, Cynthia kept working with us to help with shoulder tightness, avoiding flat spots on my baby’s head, and over all strength…If I have any more kids, I will 100% take them to visit Cynthia even if they don’t have obvious tongue tie issues. She helped us all around and most importantly helped our little girl.


Heal from Mouth Breathing, Neck & Pelvic Pain Post Concussion

“I was a former US Ski Team member who retired due to a series of concussions. I came to see Cynthia with the goal of regaining my active lifestyle, reducing my chronic neck and pelvic pain and better understanding what my body needed. I was exhausted after my first treatment, but instantly began to see a shift. I was sleeping better, able to have dreams for the first time in years and had reduced inflammation and soreness. Cynthia’s holistic approach allowed me to tune into my autonomic nervous system and shift from mouth to nasal breathing which has profoundly improved my ability to recover. Working with Cynthia has given me the tools to find the balance between strength and relaxation, and that has made all the difference.”


Improved Feeding & Fussiness after Traumatic Delivery

I just had my fourth baby and thought I knew what I was doing. Our first several months of my babies life she just screamed. Because of a traumatic delivery and feeding problems Cynthia was recommended to me. Cynthia has miracle hands and was able to work magic on my baby through exercises and teaching me. She is so sweet, kind, super knowledgeable and saved our sanity! I can’t recommend her enough!


Teen, Tongue, Anxiety & Sleep

Working with Cynthia has brought our family a lot of blessings! We initially went to see her because my 13 year old son got his tongue tie released and his tongue muscles were asymmetrical in strength. He also had very very high anxiety at night and struggled going to sleep because he was so scared. While working with Cynthia we worked on exercises to open his airways through the roof of his mouth, tongue, fascia etc…also directed us in going to an orthodontist who specializes in expanding the mouth…which has allowed my son to breath(e) easier at night, which in turn helped calm his nervous system, my son’s anxiety at night has dropped from an 8 to a 1!! …Cynthia is a true healer, she is very very positive in her language and outlook in applying the right modalities to help the body heal.


Craniosacral, Sleep & Happy Baby

I can’t praise Cynthia enough! I brought my premie to her for 3+months and she did so much to help my baby grow. When we started, baby was struggling to suck/nurse and had several problems. Her patient, fun, clever approach to cranial sacral work was fun for my baby…My child is now a great nurser, a good sleeper and a happy baby. Wish I could give her 10 stars!


TMJ, Mouth Breathing, Sleep & Posture Improved

Cynthia is AMAZING! As an (young) adult, I suffer with severe TMJ and mouth breathing. I had many dr’s tell me that it was too late and they couldn’t help me. Every other Dr. told me surgery was the only option. I knew I needed to keep searching for someone that would listen to me and help heal my jaw. In the short few months that I have been going to Cynthia, she has improved the health of my jaw in so many ways. She is so kind and personable. She takes her time to listen to your concerns and specifically finds solutions to any pain or problem. She has also helped improve my posture, my breathing, my sleeping, my swallowing, and given me hope!…She is not only amazing at what she does, but who she is a person!


Improved Sleep, Feeding, Weight Gain and Fussiness

”Cynthia is wonderful. My baby daughter had difficulty latching effectively, had a weak suck, and slept terribly as a result. Cynthia was a huge help to us and we saw progress very quickly…She was kind, knowledgable, and helped me learn exercises and things to do at home to help with my baby’s feeding issues. Things have improved dramatically over just a couple of months and my previously fussy baby is now a delightful baby who eats and sleeps well. Thank you!”


Back Molars Touch Again, Stronger & More Energy

I had trouble chewing and noticed my back molars no longer touched. I did not want surgery or an appliance and was given Cynthia’s name. After working with Cynthia for several months I was able to chew, my molars now touch again and I feel better, stronger, have more energy and my oxygen levels are the best they have been in years.

Dr. David

Changed My Life

Cannot recommend Cynthia enough!! Her help has changed my life! My friends also love seeing her!! She is so knowledgeable and kind! Highly recommend!


Jaw Problems and Headaches

“I suffered from jaw pain and headaches for years and after only a few sessions with Cynthia and faithfully doing everything she asked I am 95% improved!”


Breastfeeding, Latch Issues & Tongue Tie surgery

“At 10 days old my baby was still struggling to latch and refused to nurse on one side even after a frenectomy.  After just the first session with Cynthia breastfeeding was a million times easier and my baby was so much more relaxed and happy!“